Lomo Effect

Lomo Effect

These photos typically feature unique coloring, high contrast, soft focus, and dark vignettes. This is considered the lomo effect.

The effect is inspired by photographs taken from an inexpensive Russian camera called the Lomo LC-A. The photos are produced by a color imbalance in the most simple explanation. As previously mentioned this is created by combining high contrast, soft focus, and dark vignettes. It often creates a very surreal, intense, and dreamy feeling so it is no wonder that this effect is a very popular one to try and create. The Lomo Camera Effect is right at your fingertips when you use iPiccy Photo Editor!
iPiccys Online Lomo Effect Is Super Simple picture

iPiccy's Online Lomo Effect Is Super Simple

It only takes four very easy and simple steps to use iPiccy Photo Editor's Lomo Effect, and you'll have all your friends wondering how you did it so beautifully!

Step 1) Upload your photo to iPiccy Photo Editor, the higher the quality the better.
Step 2) Select the "Photo Effects" tab at the top, this is the second tab.
Step 3) At the bottom of the "Vintage" section select "Lomo" and apply it.
Step 4) Save your photo! You're all done.

It's really that simple!

You Can Fade The Lomo Effect

The one option we provide you with when applying the Lomo Effect is the ability to fade it. The Lomo Effect is a very powerful and intense tool, and essentially we want to provide you with the opportunity to dial it back to perfectly match whatever level of lomo you wanted to apply. It's a good idea to have a level of an idea in your head of what the picture was supposed to look like before applying the Lomo Effect.

You Can Fade The Lomo Effect picture
The Lomo Camera Effect Isnt For Every Situation picture

The Lomo Camera Effect Isn't For Every Situation

The Lomo Effect is a great tool for multiple reasons as mentioned already. It can change create intensity, change the feel of a picture, and just be a ton of fun in general. However, you should not just randomly lomo all of your photos. You should only use such a powerful tool with purpose and reason. There are some questions you need to ask yourself when considering whether or not to use the lomo effect on your images. Am I adding anything to my photo by using this? Is this a better picture with lomo? While the lomo effect can truly be an eye-catching and spectacular tool in your arsenal, it isn't an every picture situation. Just keep this in mind when experimenting with the Lomo Effect.

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