Make Your Own Meme With iPiccy Photo Editor

Make Your Own Meme With iPiccy Photo Editor

You can use old memes or create your very own with iPiccy Photo Editor!

Whether you want to use a classic meme like Sean Bean saying "one does not simply..." Or turn someone you know into a meme, iPiccy and you are the best options for a meme maker around! There are so many options given when you can upload a picture and add meme text. Some memes are even born from photo editing, by simply changing the color of the background you turn socially awkward penguin into the opposite! Then there are even some memes that require good photo editing such as "guy checking out the girl meme".
How To Make a Meme picture

How To Make a Meme

To make a simple classic meme, it is very easy. And in general memes are super easy to make unless you decide to dive deeper into editing faces and things like that into the memes. Let's do the super simple version of adding text first.

Step 1. Upload your picture (the preferred meme picture for the situation) to iPiccy Photo Editor.
Step 2. Open the Designer Tab (the fourth tab on the left).
Step 3. Use the Text tool to write your funny meme (the font is up to you, but Impact is the common one for memes).
Step 4. Save your photo. You're done!

OPTIONAL STEPS: If you're editing faces or things like that into your photo, you'll likely still have text so use the above steps. However, to add on to that, you'll have more work to do in the designer tab. Things like vector masking, layers, and the clone tool will be helpful if you're trying to take faces from one picture and add it to a meme. Those tools are a bit more advanced though, and will take some practice.

When To Make a Meme

There really isn't a bad time to make a meme as long as they're in good spirits and fun. They're supposed to be funny, and occasionally you come across that make you think. The key thing to keep in mind is that if you post these other people will read it, and you should avoid directly targeting friends, family, coworkers, etc that might be more sensitive to it. Obviously you know your friends better than we do, but the suggestion is simple: with great power comes great responsibility. So the power to make people laugh with your memes comes with some responsibility that you won't use it to bully, attack, or tear others down unnecessarily.

When To Make a Meme picture
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