Craft The Logo Of Your Dreams in iPiccy

Craft The Logo Of Your Dreams in iPiccy

What better way to save money for your business and make exactly what you want then design your own logo?

iPiccy is a free logo maker, logo creator, and logo generator if you have the desire and will to make it happen! Our Blender Tab will provide you with all the tools you need to make a beautiful and eye-popping logo. There is no better logo maker than you with our tools in your hands, you'll control everything down to the smallest details. Whatever you imagine, you can create and make the logo that your business needs. With various tools like vector stickers, a voluminous catalog of fonts, the ability to vector mask, and more, you'll be able to edit and design until your logo is just right.
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What Makes A Logo?

A logo should be a symbol and representation of what your business does and what it believes in. You want your logo to reflect your goals and values in a wonderful and stunning image. This means considering the image used, the colors, the size, the simplicity, among many other factors. Keep all of this in mind when designing your logo, as you want to send the proper and correct message about your business.

How To Make A Logo

Logos have an incredible range in today's world. There are some simple and famous logos like Google, there are some with a hidden message like the Amazon logo (the A to Z arrow), and there are iconic textless logos like Apple.

Step 1. Upload your photo (this might just be a blank color photo to be the background) to iPiccy Photo Editor
Step 2. Open the 4th tab in iPIccy this is the Blender Tab
Step 3. Add text/vector stickers/ whatever you need to grab the attention of your audience! I suggest doing photo editing of your photo before adding text these things though.
Step 4. Save. You're all done!

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When To Make A Logo

Just ask yourself if you're serious about your business or personal projects? If you are, you need a logo. Whether it's to express professionalism and have a symbol to remind people who you are, or it's having a watermark for your work, you need a logo. Something that exemplifies your style and flair, while also helping to let people know that you're out there and you are providing this service or creating art. Having a logo will give your work, your effort, and your time something to stand on and represent. A logo will give your business legitimacy and gravity.

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