Clipart Photo Editor

Clipart Photo Editor

You'll find all the clip art you ever wanted in the Blender Tab.

The "Blender Tab" is a special option in iPiccy Photo Editor as it contains some of the most powerful tools. So it is incredible for a number of reasons, but the tool we focus on today in the Blender tab is clip art. Clip Art (Add Vector Stickers) is a fun tool where you can essentially put stickers on your pictures. Whether you're adding shapes, funny faces, or maybe even a speech bubble, there is a lot of cool and fun things you can do with the "Add Vector Stickers" button.
iPiccy Has Incredible Options For Any Clip Art Maker picture

iPiccy Has Incredible Options For Any Clip Art Maker

iPiccy has a huge album and selection for any need you might have a need for. Whether it's shapes, speech bubbles, and even just facial hair, there are a bunch of different funny things you can do with clip art. It might seem like a limited selection at first, but once you click on a vector sticker, you'll realize that each option has multiple options. This creates an even larger and more voluminous album of choices. Clip Art is generally a fun, silly, and a bit quirky option, it can certainly be used for posters and things like that. However, it's not something you necessarily use for a more serious moment or portrait.

Add Clip Art In 5 Easy Steps

Adding Clip Art to any picture on iPiccy Photo Editor is incredibly easy, and is possible for any photo editor at any level. Even if you've never edited a photo, it's incredibly easy. Even if you're not very computer savvy, as long as you can open a browser and navigate a website, you can do this.

Step 1) Upload your image to iPiccy Photo Editor.
Step 2) Select the "Blender" tab at the top, it's the fourth tab.
Step 3) Select the "Add Vector Stickers" at the top, which is the heart icon.
Step 4) Select your chosen sticker and apply as you feel necessary.
Step 5) Save your work. You're done!

Add Clip Art In 5 Easy Steps picture
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