Color Splash Effect

Color Splash Effect

Color Splash is a great tool to use when bringing out a specific part to focus on.

Color Splash is an option you have available in iPiccy Photo Editor that allows you to bring out color in a grayscale image, or an image that you use the "Black & White" effect on. Color Splash makes it so one section of your picture will appear in deep, and vibrant colors while the rest of your photo will be in black and white grayscale. Ideally this means you will highlight the most important parts of an image by bringing out those parts with color. This will bring a very sharp contrast between the colored part and the grayscale part, which in turn will likely bring out the part with color more.
Color Splash Is As Simple Or Advanced As You Want picture

Color Splash Is As Simple Or Advanced As You Want

Color Splash gives you a variety of options and setting you can play with when you first select it. This is because if you want to adjust brush sizes and want to get the smallest details, you can. However, it's just as easily possible that you can just use a huge circle of a brush and tap once to give that section color. This allows you to be as in depth or big picture as you want to be, the various options allow you full control of the Color Splash tool and whatever you want to do to your image. iPiccy Photo Editor's sole mission is to help you bring your visions to fruition.

Color Splash Your Photos In Six Simple Steps

Six simple steps and you're on your way to color splashing any image you want!

Step 1) Upload your picture to iPiccy Photo Editor
Step 2) Go to "Photo Effects" tab, which is the second tab at the top
Step 3) Select the "Black & White" effect which is the first option
Step 4) Now click the small paintbrush right next to "Black & White"
Step 5) Color the area that you want in color and leave the parts that you want in grayscale
Step 6) Save your photo! You're done.

Color Splash Your Photos In Six Simple Steps picture
Color Splash Online Can Truly Bring Out Something Special picture

Color Splash Online Can Truly Bring Out Something Special

It can create a special focus on whatever subject you want. It can truly bring out the best aspects of any particular image. So should you use it all the time? Probably not. While Color Splash is an incredible tool that can really bring flair, style, and excitement to a picture it isn't for every photo. It really is meant for certain occasions and fairly specific moments. Obviously this comes with knowing the tool better, and the best way to do that is to practice! So go and test out the Color Splash tool in iPiccy Photo Editor.

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