Your Hair Is Everything

Your Hair Is Everything

Make your hair stand out with iPiccy Photo Editor

Maybe you're a little bored of your hair style or hair color, and that's okay. Instead of committing to a full dye without knowing anything what it might look like, you can experiment and see what it might look like in iPiccy first! iPiccy has multiple tools to help you make your hair different colors and hues. Some hair dye apps may help, and maybe some hair color changer apps, but iPiccy will give you a full range of colors to choose from, as well as the ability to do certain parts of you hair certain ways. You will have total and full control of your virtual haircut. You can also experiment to see what your hair might look like with virtual makeup, that way you know your hair will match your style.
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How To Change Your Hair Color

We all know that sometimes having the most common color for hair can be a little bit boring, or maybe you just want to try something new. So you may want to experiment! Lucky for you, iPiccy has a tool that will allow you to experiment and have fun changing your hair color.

Step 1) Upload your photo to iPiccy Photo Editor.
Step 2) Open the third tab at the top, which is the "Retouch Tab"
Step 3) Select the "Hair Color" tool and then apply to the hair.
Step 4) This effect can be very strong, so be careful the color you choose, and certainly fade appropriately. You can also click the erase button in the tool to clean up spots.
Step 5) Save your work. You're done!

When To Change Your Hair Color

You can change your hair color in iPiccy whenever you want! Having fun and experimenting with different hair colors and a virtual makeover can be entertaining and can help refine your photo editing skills. We would highly suggest experimenting here first before getting your hair dyed though. While it may not look exactly the same in real life, it will give you the best and closest idea to what it will look like. One of the worst case scenarios you can set yourself up for is going into a hair dye session without checking what it might look like on you. This can damage your hair, give you a look you hate, or it could simply just not be the look you wanted for your hair.

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