Photo Blur Effect

Photo Blur Effect

iPiccy's Photo Blur Has A Bunch Of Potential Options

The Blur Effect has multiple options by itself, on top of this iPiccy Photo Editor has multiple blur options. This creates huge amounts of different options and possibilities. Just for a small example, the blur effect by itself has options regarding the ability to: change the strength of the blur, the fade, the size of the brush, and even more than that! So do you want a fully blurred picture? Just a blurry background? It's all possible!
Photo Blur Can Change The Composition picture

Photo Blur Can Change The Composition

With the ability to control exactly what you want to blur with brush size/hardness, you have the ability to completely change the composition of photos. You can control what you want the focus of the picture to be. If you have a picture of four faces, you can use this effect on two or three faces in order to show the most important person for a memorial, celebration, or maybe wanting to highlight the correct person in a profile picture. It could also potentially blur out a face and make people focus on the background, that is a more rare situation obviously, but it can happen.

4 Easy Steps Gets You The Blur Effect In Your Photos

iPiccy keeps it simple, and the blur effect of iPiccy Photo Editor is no different.

Step 1) Upload your image that you plan to edit to iPiccy Photo Editor.
Step 2) Select the "Blur" in the "Filters" section of the "Basic Editor" tab
Step 3) Apply the effect as you feel necessary, you can either apply to the whole picture, or use the brush to control what you like.
Step 4) Save your image. You're done!

4 Easy Steps Gets You The Blur Effect In Your Photos picture
You Get Full Control When You Blur In iPiccy picture

You Get Full Control When You Blur In iPiccy

With all of those options that we previously mentioned, that means all of those tools are at your hands. When you have all of these tools you get absolute and total control of what happens to your images. You can make the tiniest corner lightly blurry, or you can make a huge blend of different levels of blur. You have full and total control over your image, and that is exactly how we'd hope you want it when using such a powerful tool as the blur effect is.

There Is A Right And Wrong Time To Blur

The Blur Effect is a great tool for multiple reasons as mentioned already. It can change competition, change the feel of a picture, and just be a ton of fun in general. However, you should not just randomly use this effect on all of your photos. You should only blur with purpose and reason. There are some questions you need to ask yourself when considering whether or not to blur your images. Am I adding anything by blurring? Is this a better picture with this effect? While it can truly be a great and dynamic tool in your arsenal, it isn't an every picture situation. Just keep this in mind when experimenting with the blur effect.

There Is A Right And Wrong Time To Blur picture
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